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Dental Implants in Cupertino, CA

At Alpine Dental Care, we pride ourselves on providing Cupertino, CA dental patients with different options for treating common problems like tooth loss. Dental implants are an advanced option for treating missing teeth. Through surgery, we will replace your missing tooth roots with metal screws that can then support replacement teeth. For many, dental implants are a more attractive option than dentures or bridges.

Dental implants offer a number of benefits: strength, stability, attractive results, durability, comfort, and excellent function. They mimic natural teeth to the point that once the process is complete, you will feel like you’ve gotten your original, healthy smile back.

Revitalizing Form and Function

There are additional benefits to having dental implants placed as well. Dental implants offer not only solid support for replacement teeth; they support healthy bone density within the jaw. The roots of your natural teeth stimulate the jaw bone, keeping it strong and healthy. When tooth loss occurs, bone density begins to diminish, causing the jaw to shrink visibly over time. This can lead to the further loss of additional teeth and puts the patient at an increased risk of numerous other problems, including periodontal disease.

Fortunately, the timely placement of dental implants helps to mitigate this deterioration as the biocompatible titanium posts are fused to the jaw through osseointegration. Following the healing process – a recovery period you’ll discuss with Dr. Huang before your procedure – your brand new prosthetic tooth will be affixed to the implanted post, completing your restoration. This custom-crafted crown will be fabricated specifically for you to match the color, size, and shape of your natural teeth.

Additional Benefits of Dental Implants

If you need most of your teeth replaced, implant-supported dentures may be recommended. As opposed to traditional dental prosthetics, which can slip around and cause discomfort as well as embarrassment, implant-supported dentures are firmly secured within your mouth. The result is a complete set of teeth that look and feel entirely natural, allowing you to smile, speak, and eat freely and confidently.

If you want to learn more about the dental implants process at Alpine Dental Care in Cupertino, CA, contact us. Dr. Huang will happily discuss every aspect of the treatment process with you and perform a complete examination to determine whether or not you’re currently a candidate for implants. Even if your jaw bone isn’t currently strong enough to support implants, however, don’t worry; there are ways to build up the bone and make dental implants a real possibility. We look forward to becoming your partner in your journey toward a renewed, rejuvenated, and healthy smile!

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