Your Dentist in Cupertino Helps You Eliminate Bad Breath

Bad breath is a bummer. It creates an instant stigma around you and can make you extremely self-conscious when you’re interacting with others. Unfortunately, halitosis (bad breath) is more than just a social problem. In many cases, it can signal that there is an underlying oral health problem! There is good news, though — your dentist in Cupertino is here to give you some information on the causes behind bad breath and how you can put the nix on the stink.

Poor Oral Hygiene Habits

You might brush twice a day and floss daily, but how well do you do these things? If you aren’t thorough when you’re cleaning your mouth, you give odor-causing bacteria a chance to thrive. Here are a few tips to make the most out of your oral hygiene routine:

Dry Mouth

Saliva is a remarkable fluid that helps to rinse away the icky stuff in your mouth that can lead to odors. When your mouth is dry, therefore, halitosis is sure to happen. To keep your mouth moist, you might have to:

Tobacco Products

The ingredients in cigarettes and chewing tobacco wreak havoc on your oral health and quickly lead to bad breath. In fact, if you use tobacco, you might not even know that you have bad breath since these products can dull your sense of taste and smell.

For a fresher mouth, you may need to use a special toothpaste that is designed for smokers. However, the best way to put a stop to your halitosis is to quit using tobacco.

What if the Bad Breath Persists?

Maybe you’ve taken all the reasonable measures you can think of to eliminate your bad breath, but you still notice an odor. It would be wise of you to visit your dentist in Cupertino, who might be able to pinpoint the exact cause of your problem and recommend a treatment. You may have gum disease or an infection that is producing odors, and your dentist is well-qualified to address such conditions.

Halitosis is horrible! We hope you can use the above information to obtain a fresher mouth (and maybe even an improved social life).

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